A Decade of Writing History

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She Spent a Decade Writing Fake Russian History. Wikipedia Just Noticed.:

An investigation by Wikipedia found that a contributor had used at least four “puppet accounts” to falsify the history of the Qing Dynasty and the history of Russia since 2010. Each of the four accounts lent the others credibility. All have now been banned from Chinese Wikipedia.

Over more than 10 years, the author wrote several million words of fake Russian history, creating 206 articles and contributing to hundreds more. She imagined richly detailed war stories and economic histories, and wove them into real events in language boring enough to fit seamlessly into the encyclopedia. Some netizens are calling her China’s Borges.

She’s come to be known as “Zhemao,” after one of her aliases. According to a now-deleted profile, Zhemao was the daughter of a diplomat stationed in Russia, has a degree in Russian history, and became a Russian citizen after marrying a Russian.

History is literally made up by the winners of our many wars. There is lots in A People’s History of the United States that is not taught in any school. Of course this is not limited to the USA, rather it is a worldwide phenomenon. Because of this I don’t find it reprehensible that this person made up so much of history. Makes me smile, actually. :-)

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I’m with you on this. I have often wondered about the piles of interesting and perhaps enlightening information that have been left out of history. Plus, as you say, history being written by the winners is likely twisted or full out lies.


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