Our Fundamental Right

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Our Fundamental Right To Shame And Shun The New York Times:

Americans don’t have, and have never had, any right to be free of shaming or shunning. The First Amendment protects our right to speak free of government interference. It does not protect us from other people saying mean things in response to our speech. The very notion is completely incoherent. Someone else shaming me is their free speech, and someone else shunning me is their free association, both protected by the First Amendment.

I enjoyed reading this.


  1. anne

    ok but usually there is a better way- a more skillful way – imo

    I do recall big pharma being shamed re AIDS drugs to Africa. Took alot of effort. In the end, saved thousands of lives. So there is a place for this tactic – if done right, it can be effective re change.

    • anne

      and another one – financial industry- re fiduciary responsibilities to clients…- tons of problems. Not enough protection for investors.Banks have too much power here.

      ( In the real estate industry, if you f’ck up – you get your ass sued. including the brokerage.)

      Fiduciary is a legal term- clear definitions – not sure why treated differently in the eyes of the law. Need to better understand this.

      Advocacy groups are not effective ( could be??). Lawyer advise me to go that route, tried it but , fell short of expectations.

      Governing bodies – another problem – complex one.- that i do not understand yet.

      Often ask myself – ..what about media ? how much power do they really have?

      (Shame worked on pharma to some degree – but i think government stepped up. – just shocking the BS they pulled re aids drugs.in africa and LOTS of other stuff too. ) .

      This book – An imperfect offering,..by james orbinski – very courageous, mind opening. Yes, the world has improved but not fast enough – imo…and if you really think about it – only takes a handful of people with real power to mess it up for the rest of us. .


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