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I hadn’t heard Mickey Muennig’s name before when I saw this post about his home today.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I have returned to these photos through my day. So lovely. Living in this home would mean you’d never have to go inside and close yourself away from the inspiration and beauty of nature, yet you would be warmly sheltered.

  2. Y.

    In one photo the entrance seems to be inspired by a Chinese moon gate.

  3. anne

    I assume you posted cause you like it.
    He has done some interesting projects.

    imo – sunrooms are “like being 7 in from the mid day sun” ..and if you don’t clean all those windows regularly whats the point. Thats alot of work!

    an outdoor bathroom? guess they like cleaning up after animals. birds and bugs .

    6.95 million – for that money – can find a home 100 times better.-imo

    • anne

      architects fascinate me. (missed my calling , – signed up for marine biology instead)

      I have a 100 year old home …all original wood trim , floors…beautiful fire place, a claw foot tub. …big bay window. ..outstanding view from desk …
      Anyway…i do like some of his work ..and I hope to one day to find the right architect.
      so thanks for sharing – gives me ideas.

      • anne

        Architectural Digest: Open Door Video Series

  4. luna

    Love that place! Open, round, creative, space, and all the windows and wood!


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