Rivers and Fires

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As I watched some of “They Say Nothing Stays the Same” yesterday evening, I reflected on the allure of the river. The waves, the reflections, the movement, all of it comes together in a cosmic dance.
Some people say that staring into the fire every night was the beginning of meditation. It plausible. Certainly, humans have spent untold thousands of years staring into the fire – millions of generations of our ancestors did this. Fire meant warmth and protection, but it also mesmerized. Did the flicker evoke thoughts, did it tickle some part of our brain into action?
Next to fire I bet it was the waves of bodies of water, especially rivers, who did a similar trick. Perhaps the river is to the fisher what the fire is to the hunter.
Sitting on the bank of a river and staring into the waves is still one of my favorite things to do. It calms me and it also inspires me.
I love the way Christopher Doyle captured waves and light for the movie. I could watch some of the scenes on a loop for hours…


  1. Luna

    Yes, I agree about the allure of watching water, waves, and for me the sparkle of the sun on the water that shines like diamonds bouncing around. I could also watch clouds for hours…they take on so many interesting forms…water too except that it has sound with it. My favorite is the sound of water gently lapping up against the shore or a boat…that sound totally relaxes me into some kind of peaceful daze, I think from childhood memories on lakes, the ocean, and rivers.
    Also, with fire and meditation, years ago I used to take a meditation class at UCSD, after a dancing & drumming class…and the instructor, Neville Billamoria from Mombay, had us use fire as a meditation tool. I think you are right, something about the mesmerization…kinda like daydreaming from that Focus podcast that Johann spoke of. Hmmm, maybe you should make a loop reel of some of the scenes from “They Say Nothing Stays the Same” for yourself to relax to?

  2. Luna

    …correction, Stolen Focus podcast with guest Johann ?
    Water (and its sparkles & sounds & smells) and fire (and its flickers & sounds & smells) seem to pull focus into some other space and time zone…and I would add clouds too :^)

  3. anne

    Built myself a fire this morning. Fire is one powerful element – destructive , yet transformative. Nothing is the same after flames!

    Yep – fire , water , air , land …all important in human evolution.


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