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In ‘Architecture in Music,’ Striking Photos Reveal the Hidden Structures of Instruments | Colossal

The first image in that series, a cello, looks like the interior of a house.

Eight years ago the Berlin Philharmonic used a similar series for ads. Here is their cello (((it’s actually an upright bass – thanks for letting me know in the comments, Charles Brooks))). (more about that series).

This is also a very nice series of photos inside instruments.

Do you think you would enjoy living in rooms that are not square? I was wondering about that when we built a studio for me in 1994. None of the three rooms was square, none had a flat ceiling. I spent a lot of time in those rooms and can honestly say that I prefer rooms that are not square. If I should ever get to design a house for myself, which is very very unlikely, I would make rooms that are A) not square and B) have some rounded walls and corners.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    OMG! I cannot tell you how much I love this! For a college film class, I shot Super 8 footage of my beautiful Steinway B grand piano, from all angles inside and out, shown with the sound of my playing a sweet Mozart sonata on that piano, which I weep to say I sold some years ago. The intense inside photos of grand pianos shown in your referenced article thrilled me, as did the insides of the cello and others. Even more thrilling to live in a home structured on those lines. (By the way, I loved your photos from inside your guitar!)

    Non-square rooms are very appealing. My grandmother lived in a house on Acequia Madre Street in Santa Fe. It was called The Round House. I remember visiting there as a tiny tot, and I felt so good in that round living room. The round concept in architecture is seen from Frank Lloyd Wright’s last effort, The Guggenheim Museum, Frank Gehry’s buildings all over the place, that MAAT building in Lisbon, etc. I saw a piece on TV about a man in Santa Fe digging a magnificent home underground, and all the rooms we’re naturally softly rounded.

    And think about it, for round rooms it would be fun to design curved furniture to go in them!

  2. NancyJ

    These are fabulous! Gets the imagination going on how it could be turned into a living space with furniture and decorating. Living within music?
    I think non-square rooms/buildings opens up our minds to literally think outside the box and affects us both consciously and unconsciously with a broader perspective … At the L’Orangerie in Paris viewing Monet’s water lilies, the Capital Records building in LA, and so many more inventive designs around the world.
    Thanks for sharing this. I have bookmarked the site so I can revisit when I’m looking for some inspiration.

  3. Charles Brooks

    I’m the photographer, Charles Brooks. I should point out that the Berlin Phil image is of a double bass – much easier to get a camera in there, but a spectacular image nevertheless.

    • ottmar

      True that—much bigger cavity. Thanks for pointing it out.


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