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Earlier today I was talking to a customer representative on the phone (this call will be monitored for quality control) and at one point was placed on hold for 9 minutes, although it seemed much longer. The music was really awful. Not just vapid but also with musical notes that made me cringe. (there is a good cringe, which can turn into a delighted appreciation and there is a bad cringe, which has little redeeming value) The whole thing was about three minutes long and on a loop.

I wanted to know what it was I was being subjected to and consulted Shazam. Shazam displayed this message:

This is not a song!
Try again!

Bravo, I muttered, that’s it exactly. You understand!


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Boy, I’m with you! No more than three times in my life did I enjoy the “waiting” music. (They actually played classical music!)

    This is why I love the Live Chat with Customer Service and other agents. I notice this is available more and more frequently.

    How are you, Dear Ottmar? Did you get what you wanted?

  2. Steve

    When I lived in Boulder, CO … I often had to call Comcast/Xfinity (not sure what they call themselves this week) and they had a non-song playing on a loop. As an added bonus, the non-song was recorded too loud and was distorted. Quite distorted actually. Often one would end up listening to the distorted non-song for 20 minutes or more.


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