Consciousness + Breadfruit

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Yesterday my RSS reader delivered a post called Thoughts on Reincarnation to me which prompted me to look up my own post called Memory Leaks from 2006 – by the way, the search function of the Diary works quite well and I use it often.

Both posts consider experiences that are sometimes explained with the concept of rebirth or reincarnation and how they might occur without it. After all, the concept of reincarnation is probably 3,000 years old and perhaps we can think of new ways to approach these experiences.

I wrote about “crossed wires” and “leaky memory” and the other post, very sensibly, points to DNA. Both posts start with the premise that everything is not only connected but one. Follow that with this thought about the universe:
Physicist: The Entire Universe Might Be a Neural Network.

On a different note, yesterday I ate breadfruit for the first time, roasted on a small fire. I found that it does indeed taste like sweet and doughy bread. Also reminded me a little bit of stealing a bite of raw dough from the kitchen table when I was little. I really liked it. I learned that the British brought Breadfruit from Polynesia to the Caribbean to feed slaves. Next I want to try breadfruit chips and breadfruit curry.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I begin to think we are much more magnificent than any study of matter can handle. Instead of trying to model our existence after a neural network, as in the physical body, what if we modeled our consciousness, our existence, after the purely spiritual power which generated us and which existed before any conceptions of matter – single hydrogen atoms, gravity, the big bang, or neural networks? Then the problem becomes what really is matter…..

    I just don’t know about breadfruit. I’m looking for clues where you are, Herr Liebert.

  2. Amna Mohamed

    Breadfruit chips are to be eaten to be believed.
    And so is breadfruit curry.
    Roasted breadfruit with dollops of butter slightly salted is a gastronomical delight.
    You live and learn. I discovered that the slightly over ripened breadfruit is better for roasting but no good for chips or for curry.
    People in the Caribbean also use breadfruit ( boiled and mashed) in a shepherd’s pie.


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