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This post about Glass by John Gruber led to this interview of the founders of Glass by Om Malik, which led to this post about leaving Facebook, which led to some reflection and finally a decision.

I am no longer serving the Zuck’s empire and have signed up at Glass. I think Glass will be at least the fourth photo sharing site I have joined in the last couple of decades. I definitely have good memories of Flickr, which was great before Yahoo bought it. Onward.

One of the many last straws was that Instagram claimed I had a Facebook account. That could only mean that even somebody at Facebook mistook one of the several Ottmar Liebert imposter accounts for a real Ottmar account.

New rule: a good account has the option to delete it on the first settings page – something Glass does have and Instagram of course does not.


  1. LHM

    I’m really glad that you made this move. No product that supports someone whose conscience is as dubious as Zuckerberg’s can be one to endorse.

    I really like what Om Malik writes about the long term damage to society.

    The simple fact that FB started as a misogynistic revenge platform should be enough for women to jump ship.

    Anyway…for what it’s worth, I think you did the right thing! Not that I think you spend a lot of time on Insta but you’ll discover so much more time in your day for far more lovely things.

  2. James

    This comes as some hopeful news to me. After dabbling in IG and Twitter I would like to have something more to the point of photography, and Glass does sound promising. Going to sign up now..


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