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It was strange to go from not seeing anybody for many months to rehearsing together, spending a total of more than 16 hours in a van together, and also dealing with all the people that work to make a concert happen. I am not complaining but it was strange, at least at first. We are the perfect test case because each of us in the band received a different vaccine. Jon got the J&J, Robby the Moderna, and I received the Pfizer.

It was great to have many hours of conversation in person with Jon and Robby because they are not only excellent musicians but also really fun to talk to. As many of us have discovered, an in-person conversation is much better than a video call!!

The performance was okay. Each of us made some small mistakes but there were also some really special moments. I think we are all looking forward to the little run at the end of September – Seattle, Oakland, Livermore and Denver – and the longer California run in February. And in between we have the show in Santa Fe in November.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I bet it felt a bit scary to face a live audience after this gigantic hiatus. I’m sure whatever mistakes you fellows made were completely unnoticed by your listeners and did not interfere with your glorious musicianship and magnetic appeal.

    I did a tiny performance last Saturday after a lifelong hiatus. First, it felt odd to be at someone else’s house for dinner, to freely hug and kiss dear friends and sit and chat. Oh, it felt good!

    I played my Debussy piece on their lovely Bechstein grand piano. My friend is a professional musician (opera singer and teacher), so I was beyond nervous. I started to play while my hosts were elsewhere in the house. My hours of slow practice paid off. I was brilliant. They raved, my singer friend said he thought his wife had put on a recording. OK, so these were friends. But I know I was good and was able to focus, stay relaxed, and express the music. A monumental moment.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you perform in person!

    • ottmar

      That sounds brilliant.

      • Nancy

        I know what you mean Jane. We had friends from Mexico come and visit this last week. It was so great to see them and be able to hug and go out to dinner.

  2. Victor H.

    This made me happy reading about your reunion. First time I saw you live was you, Jon, and Robby. Things are looking up!

    • ottmar

      That must have been 2004!

      • Victor H.

        Sounds right. It was at the Boulder Theater. Another lifetime! :)
        Happy touring and travel safe!


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