MDMA Reaches Next Step

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MDMA Reaches Next Step Toward Approval for Treatment – The New York Times:

In an important step toward medical approval, MDMA, the illegal drug popularly known as Ecstasy or Molly, was shown to bring relief to those suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder when paired with talk therapy.

As far as I know, MDMA only became illegal in the summer of 1986. At least that’s what I was told by my dealer. ;-)

Prior to that time it was also used by a number of prison psychiatrists. I heard it was used in the State Prison near Santa Fe, for example, and I was told it made a difference, as it enabled hardened men to speak about their emotions.


  1. Will

    There is also a bunch of research on psychedelics in relationship with depression and PTSD. Not my thing but Tim Ferriss is pretty into it due to his history with anxiety etc. Check out his podcast as he always has great stuff!

  2. ottmar

    I know that psychedelics improve empathy. There is much research on this, especially research done by John Hopkins with mushrooms. Also from personal experience. Perhaps the two are related, meaning that improving empathy may be the same thing that also helps with depression. Depression can feel like a closing off, a disconnect, while empathy opens up and connects.

  3. Will

    There is something to the “opening up” and “removal of walls” caused by psychedelic effect on the brain.

    • ottmar

      Doors of perception etc.

      • Will

        Si…in my younger, intellectual days. :)

  4. JaneParhamKatz

    I still feel excluded from you “cool” folks who have experimented with all kinds of enhancing drugs. I have no judgments on it, people should do whatever they choose, but I could never bring myself to take anything. I just go to my music and my daydreams. AHHHHH! Ive probably missed out on a very different life!

    • Alison

      Same with me Jane!


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