Science of Building Better Relationships

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I really enjoyed this podcast.

#342 The Science of Building Better Relationships | Marissa King — Ten Percent Happier:

In this conversation, we talk about: how your social networks impact your mental health; how, when it comes to social networks, quality and structure are more important than quantity; why you’re not as bad at being social as you may think; the importance of humor; how status and privilege play into networking; the benefits of calling up old friends you haven’t spoken to in a while; and she will ask you to consider whether you are a convener, broker, or expansionist.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I’m rejoicing in a social experience of this morning. A neighbor asked if we had room in our freezer for a load of her food languishing in her freezer that went kaput in a power outage yesterday. They will have a new freezer next Tues, but in the meantime…. Pre-covid I might have said we had no room, but I told her I’d be happy to help. I consolidated and squeezed until I made room for all her stuff. Then she and I had the first real conversation ever, and now she’s making a strawberry pie for us. I find I really love people!

  2. Melissa

    Laughter and love are the point of the day. If you don’t do that, what are you doing?

    Marissa King

    The companion podcast #341 is a beautiful philosophy I hold close. Thank you for sharing,  Ottmar.


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