Thursday Morning

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The spelling has already been corrected. I am pleased with the distributor, UnitedMasters.

Spent some time this morning looking for my In-Ear-Monitors. Looked everywhere I could think of. Opened drawers, looked through bags. May 29 is not that far away, I thought. Cycled through three rooms several times. At last I went into my garage and opened my suitcase, where I don’t keep the IEMs when I travel. One side of the suitcase was empty and I felt disheartened. Then I opened the other side. There was a bunch of stuff – like silk for repairing nails, for example. And underneath all of that was the case for the IEMs. I pulled them out and tested them. They worked. All is well.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    HAHAHAHAHA! You’re a funny one, Ottmar. I am imagining your frantic search. :-)

    Are you going to stop putting your stuff on Bandcamp? I don’t like Apple Music – it costs a monthly Fee and it is not easy to navigate. I use YouTube Music, which comes at no cost with YouTube Premium video streaming (which is a Fee) and is organized beautifully.

    • ottmar

      I will continue to use Bandcamp as my most important distribution. In fact everything will first appear on Bandcamp and only later everywhere else. Plus the sound quality is much higher on Bandcamp.

      Regarding Apple Music versus YouTube Music: Apple pays musicians fairly while YouTube was a pirat – that’s according to Google employees before Google bought YouTube.

      Google supported websites like Pirate Bay for years and years by running ads and paying them tons of money. I could go on and on about Google and YouTube but I’ll leave it at that.

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Now I recall having heard you say that about Apple Music. What should I do……..OK I’ll subscribe to Apple Music in support of thee and all thy fellow artists. But Google does rule I suppose.


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