Jump Rhythm

02021-03-30 | Sound | 3 comments

I am learning about Ableton/Live and play with the app almost every day. Here I took the jump rope recording, slowed it down, made a few adjustments, and it almost sounds like a drum kit.


  1. Will

    Maybe you could create an entire song from random sounds…

    Aspen Leaves
    Tires on gravel road
    Bike free spinning
    Coffee shop sounds
    Etc etc etc

    Would be an interesting “guess the sound” when it is integrated into full composition.

  2. Cesco Derendinger

    One thing that comes to my mind when we’re talking about “field-recordings” is ambient music.

    Did you ever heard of Robert Rich? You got to check him out! He’s in the game from the very beginning of the genre and his music is incredible. His ability to paint pictures with seemingly random noises and synth-sounds is simply art.

    BTW Ottmar, did you ever came across Michael Stearns, a fellow Santa Fee’ian?

    • ottmar

      Thanks for the tip. I added Robert Rich to my listening list. Michael Stearns I am obviously aware of and have listen to many times. I haven’t met him but then again I don’t get out much.


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