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If you are a man, don’t talk to other men about equality – talk to women about it. Inequality shows up in ways that men are not even aware of. This is also true about racism.

International Women’s Day 2021:

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.
So let’s all choose to challenge. How will you help forge a gender equal world? Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.


  1. Will

    Agreed and will add “listen more than talk”. The breakdown is folks not living by “seek first to understand and then be understood”.

    As a man I don’t understand/feel gender bias. I think I have a good grasp, but when I truly listen to the great women in my life I then understand I grasp only 25% at most.

    I think it is true for most instances in our life. We wear a pair of glasses and earphones that confirms/conforms the world to what we believe. Acknowledging the glasses/earphones is the first step. Taking them off is the next.

    • ottmar

      Yes, I totally agree with “listen more than talk”. It will be uncomfortable to hear some of it, for sure, but that’s how we make progress. Men in general, and white men in particular, don’t see the problems, or don’t want to see them. Being born as a white male is the easiest beginner setting for the video game of life.

      • Will

        Agreed! I think (hope) for the most part men fall into the “don’t see” camp in a bigger percentage as compared to “don’t want to see”.

        If my wife complains about a splinter in her foot every once in a while it may be hard for me to “see”. If my wife sits down on the trail and says I am not moving until we get this thing out I stop everything and figure out a way to help/heal. Weird analogy maybe, but I think for the most part people are oblivious to dire needs of others until it smacks them in the face. I want to say most men would stop on the “trail” to help with the “splinter” it may just take a smack upside the head.

        Progress takes time but to advance, the first step and subsequent steps have to be taken.

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    I will step out of my fenced enclosure of rationalizations and boldly take the spaces I am innately entitled to, without expecting approval or praise.

    You know, I wonder whether special “Women’s” days help or hurt gender equality. What other way could we use to emphasize the meaning? I saw a farcical skit a while ago discussing the great exhibit of men painters at the Museum, and the wonderful music series featuring men composers, and the display at the library featuring men authors. Huh!

    Very similar to racism. I was raised by a single mother, a music professor (of Voice) at University. She battled the salary and recognition issues as the only woman on the voice faculty. After my father died, when she asked the Dean for a raise, the Dean Said “no, you will be remarrying soon, I’m sure.” Huh? She never remarried, and she became very successful and recognized in her field IN SPITE of it all.


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