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I hadn’t heard of this and it’s blowing my mind.

NBA Top Shot, cryptoart, and other NFTs are selling for millions of dollars – Vox:

NFTs, the digital bits of anything that sell for millions of dollars, explained. Artists, influencers, and the NBA are making millions from non-fungible tokens.


      • Steve

        It seems that as a species we only respond to short, simple messages so,

        NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET or put another way
        NO ART ON A DEAD PLANET … (as the saying on the T-Shirt goes)

        1 day of _just Etherium_ == 25.36 TeraWatts used Year to date.
        1 day of _just Bitcoin == 77.782 TeraWatts used Year to date.

        (1TW=1.0E12 Watts)

        The CO2 footprint of JUST these two are 36.95Megaton and 12.05egaMton of CO2 respectively. These are annual numbers, but the website listed below shows it on a per transaction basis.


        I really cannot think of a more pressing issue than keeping our planet from being dead. In the classes I teach, we are always on about “efficiency, efficiency, efficiency” … cryptocurrency is the antithesis of this, but really, it doesn’t have to be: It’s an implementation and hardware problem which is completely solvable.

        • Steve

          EDIT: where it says “1 day of” substitute “Year-to-date”

          My bad.


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