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I mentioned Hey.com in an earlier post. Today they began to offer a new service that comes with their email subscription, a simple blogging service that you can either receive via the RSS feed or you can subscribe to via your email.

https://world.hey.com/ottmar/ – click on this link if you prefer receiving emailed posts from me, or if you want get the RSS feed. When I deleted my mailing list I heard from a number of people who said they preferred email over reading my blog. So here is, perhaps, a solution. This doesn’t feel like marketing, I don’t have to login to a mailing list… it’s nice and simple. Let’s see whether it works for you and for me.

I did a test post and see that it is not possible to send links with this method, but that doesn’t ruin it for me. If I do want to make a link-heavy post I can send out a notice via Hey.com and have the links on a post on this Diary/blog.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I just love reading your Diary.


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