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My “slow remix” of “Dance 4 Me” is finished, I think. Been listening to it many times and nothing is bugging me, in fact I love everything about it. This morning I worked on some images for the song and here are the three best ones, I think. The first one uses the photo from the album “slow”, since this remix was inspired by that album. The second one uses a photo of a street that is painted with the word slow. The third one uses a photo of my guitar. That one is probably my favorite.
D4M slow 2
D4M slow 3
D4M slow 5


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Oh yes, the third image is the one. The second one is not understandable without explanation. The first one is nice, but I didn’t see the snail until the fourth time I looked, as your face captures the attention.

    The third photo is clear, beautiful and unique. I like the rich guitar color.

  2. Nancy

    I also like the third one best with the guitar. I could not tell that the second one said slow. The first is nice too, but I think the guitar is the best.


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