Dance 4 Me

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Tomorrow I will release another Dance 4 Me remix, this one created by trumpet player JQ Whitcomb. JQ toured with us in 2013 and played trumpet on the albums three-oh-five, Waiting n Swan, Fete, and the new vision 2020 (full version). I love how JQ arranges his one-man horn sections. There is certainly a time and place for a full horn section with saxophones and a trombone, but that’s a rather huge sound and for my music I prefer the precision and sonic size of a trumpet-only section and JQ does it brilliantly.

Meanwhile I hit the magic ProTools button (hold down the “shift” key and then start) and listened to the guitar tracks of Dance 4 Me at half-speed. I used this button a lot while I worked on the album slow. I had recorded a couple of rumba strums, that I didn’t use for the album because I preferred the open space without them, and now the rumba strums, at half-speed, created a wonderful swampy forward movement. The melody was interesting at half-speed as well. So that’s what I am working on this week, a half-tempo slow 55BPM version of Dance 4 Me.


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