Bare Wood 2002-2012

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Today I rereleased Bare Wood 2002-2012 on Bandcamp. It is available in your choice of file format, from mp3 to high def FLAC files (24/88.2k). This is not a remaster, because I didn’t think I could improve on the sound, but you might enjoy the high definition files.

Enter the code “ottmar” for a 10% discount on any purchase of my music on Bandcamp – valid until tomorrow, Friday, at midnight.

Do you want me to write a post about the different music file formats that are available or about how to listen to high definition files?

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Yes, I’m interested in how to listen to high def files. Thanks, Ottmar.

    I won’t take your kind discount. I want you to get as much moolah as possible. :-)


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