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On Friday, 6 November, Bandcamp will not take their cut out of sales on the platform. It’s a great gesture to support musicians and they have done this several times already. I am planning on having a few releases ready for this occasion. In addition to another remix of Dance 4 Me, by Canton Becker, I will release several remastered albums. The rereleases will make lossless versions of some albums available for the first time.

In the Arms of Love was first released in 2002. Unless you made your own files from the CD you only had the choice of listening to mp3s or the Apple equivalent. I remastered the album and will upload FLAC files at CD quality – 16/44.1kHz. I will also add three bonus tracks, which are different versions and remixes that haven’t been heard before. (more about some of those in another post)

La Semana will likewise be released in CD quality FLAC files. I think the remaster makes the guitar a little more beautiful and the whole sound a little more transparent.

The same goes for Winter Rose.

The Scent of Light was also remastered and, like the other two albums, will be released in CD quality FLAC files. Note – you don’t have to download the bigger FLAC files, you can choose to download lots of other file formats from Bandcamp.

Dune was remastered as well and will be available in the high definition 24/88.2kHz format.

Up Close wasn’t remastered but will be available in high definition 24/96 as well.

Here is a list:
In the Arms of Love (Remastered) – 16/44.1
La Semana (Remastered) – 16/44.1
Winter Rose (Remastered) – 16/44.1
The Scent of Light (Remastered) – 16/44.1
Up Close – 24/96
Dune (Remastered) – 24/88.2

More info as we get closer to Friday.


  1. Brad L.

    Would you consider doing this for Innamorare: Summer Flamenco? I don’t know where you or others rank it in terms of popularity or value from your catalog, but that album is a beautiful piece of art. I have the CD, but I wonder how if you do plan to remaster it, how you would set about doing it.

    • ottmar

      Innamorare was released by Epic Records/Sony Music and was recorded on an analog machine. Epic Records would not be interested in a rerelease because they wouldn’t sell enough new albums to make it worthwhile. Mastering analog albums is a lot more involved and costly. But I agree with you, there are some gems on that album. :-)

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Tomorrow will be an Ottmar festival. Yeah Ottmar!


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