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When I published the two new versions of “Dance 4 Me” to Bandcamp yesterday I added a brief message to one of them.

I asked several musicians to create versions of “Dance 4 Me” (the original was released on the album “vision 2020”) and here is the first one of these versions.

I would like to know whether the message only appears under the community heading of my page or whether Bandcamp also sends out an email to followers or subscribers. Please let me know in the comments.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Bandcamp sent me an email yesterday (10/07) titled: NEW RELEASE FROM OTTMAR LIEBERT, with your message, “I asked several musicians…….” It included a link to where you can listen to both OL and SD versions.

  2. JRD

    I received 2 emails from Bandcamp, one for each song. The email for the SD version had that message and both had a link to the song.


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