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02020-08-28 | Performance, Slideshow | 5 comments

Sometimes simple is better. Last night’s performance had no technical difficulties. Perhaps I was taxing my aging laptop too much by trying to use two additional USB cameras. It did work once and then never again.

For the slideshow that has come to bookend my streaming performances I picked images from a tour in Japan in 2009. Travel has become difficult, if not impossible, and I thought some virtual travel was in order. Traveling without moving. Armchair travel. The slideshow progressed towards photos that were very impressionistic and all about the color and the light. Here are a couple of samples:

I have always enjoyed the color photography of Ernst Haas and Arthur Meyerson and in these photos I think I was able to express a little bit of what moves me about their vision.

Since the photos of the slideshow were taken in Japan I drank tea instead of wine. The cup was designed by the Japanese-American designer Isamu Noguchi. The tea itself, however, was Chinese Pouchong tea. I love that tea and have been drinking it since I discovered it at Ten Tea in San Francisco’s Chinatown around 1992, or so.

I hope you enjoyed the evening. There will be another performance on Tuesday morning at 11:30am, Santa Fe time, and then I will take a break from live-streaming. I will be back, but I don’t want to set a date for it. Maybe it’ll become more of a surprise thing… just some morning or afternoon or evening that I feel like playing on Twitch. If you follow me on Twitch they will inform you when I start streaming.


  1. Luz Rivera

    Nice performance last night and enjoyed the photos. Maybe future livestreams could be a short 3 set list from a selected album with photos from that time period.

  2. Liz in Ohio

    I enjoyed the performance last night, thank you! I would love to continue watching you on Twitch! It would help me to know a little in advance when you will play so I can plan my day around it if the time works for me. I care for animals and I made sure everyone was fed/watered and got attention before the show last night so I could just enjoy the show. I also work from home during the day, but would be happy to plan a break to watch, if possible. I will understand if you prefer to be spontaneous. Thank you for sharing your music!

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    I did enjoy the evening last night. No need for other camera angles. I liked your looking into the camera now and again. OK, every day will have a bit of magical suspense, Is this the day Ottmar will stream a performance? I will anxiously await, Ottmar my dear Enigma!

  4. Shin

    I didn’t know Noguchi designed tea cups. Its simple and beautiful like any of his other works. If you are interested In his artwork, visit Noguchi sculpture garden in Long Island city, Queens. It is a serenely beautiful space.

  5. Alison

    OL, as usual the performance was stellar. Thank you so much for doing these livestreams.


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