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“Don’t let this crisis go to waste.”
From the podcast Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris and Roshi Joan Halifax. Link

Six words have been flitting through my mind since I decided to go online, live.

Life on Pause; Return to Love

This period in our history is unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetimes. It’s an aberration, an interruption, that for many, doesn’t feel good. We are in a crisis but we can use this to grow, to become a better version of ourselves.

This performance is not about me. I’d like to help you spend an hour with yourself or with someone you love and I will make music for you.

You can play my livestream in the background to a dinner that you cook for yourself, or for you and your loved ones. If not, you can burn some candles and make it romantic or perhaps let the hour find you lying down and listening.

But let it be a pause.

Allow this to be a break in your day where you return to yourself, or to your loved ones. Perhaps, you are in the place where this global pause is bringing you closer to yourself in a way that nothing has before.

Let this be an hour where you sit and reconnect.

Let the music facilitate a return to the bedrock of who we are as individuals and as humanity.

What I would like is for you to take a photo of what you’re doing during the hour. Are you alone? Does the hour find you on the carpet with your eyes closed?

If you are not on Twitter or Instagram, send me a photo of yourself during this hour and I’ll post it to my online diary. If you prefer, you can post it to Instagram or Twitter and tag me @OttmarLiebert.

When: Thursday evening, 6/4 at:

  • 7:30pm Santa Fe time
  • 6:30pm on the West Coast
  • 8:30pm Central time
  • 9:30pm on the East Coast

For folks in other time zones there will be a performance on Tuesday, 6/9 at:

  • 11:30am in Santa Fe
  • 10:30am on the West Coast
  • 12:30pm Central time
  • 1:30pm on the East coast
  • 7:30pm in most of Europe

How: the URL is Twitch.tv/ottmarliebert and you can watch and listen with any internet browser. If you want to watch and listen with a mobile device, you can use its browser or download the Twitch app.

You don’t need a ticket to experience the performance, but I will set up a donation box. The suggested donation for this performance is $10.00.

I wrote on my Diary/blog about live-streaming here, here, and here.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Dearest Ottmar, thank you for all you do.

    I was struck by the interview with Roshi Joan Halifax, DON’T LET THIS CRISIS GO TO WASTE, couching the horrendous events we are going through as a wake-up call, a right of passage, leading to a transformation. She quoted someone named Van Gennep, expert on rights of passage, saying the first phase is separation – that pause from our usual habits and consuming to get to a “beginner’s mind.” HOW ENCOURAGING THAT IS – maybe we are getting somewhere good.

    But, best of all was Roshi’s saying that “What counts right now is love.” She said to have a strong back, but a soft front. Strongly uphold ourselves in insecurity, chaos, and the other troubling aspects of the current state of the world. But feel and express equanimity – care for all beings equally. Here’s what really pierced me: She said the criminals, or the politicians – all are human beings. And they are suffering. Think of the “wounded Buddha.” To be in a state of mind that could rape a woman, or pass a law harmful to the less well-to-do, is to be in intense suffering. Suddenly, I actually felt compassion for Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell and the others. A load was lifted from my heavy heart.

    Now to understand from my life of privilege, what I can do for those who cannot get shelter or food…..

  2. Denise

    You are adorable, charming, romantic and sweet. I am very happy with this experience of enjoying your music in a moment with you online. I’m your forever fan

  3. Amna Mohamed

    This was my first experience of listening to a streamed concert.
    It was so beautiful and relaxing.
    It gave me a good feeling after the stress of the troubled world around us.
    Thank you Ottmar.


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