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This Thursday at 2000 – 8PM in New Mexico, 7PM in California, 10PM on the East Coast – you will find me at It turns out that Twitch, which started as a platform to broadcast gaming events, sounds good. DJs have moved onto Twitch and perform there. I checked it out and was impressed with the sound quality. I also like what Twitch is not: YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Zoom is a great medium, but it is aimed at video conferencing and therefore the algorithms support clarity of speech, which is not necessarily good for musical performances. Eventbrite partners with Zoom to sell tickets for webinars. Only people who buy a ticket through Eventbrite are ushered into the Zoom call. That’s nice. But the sound…

The one drawback of Twitch is that one cannot sell tickets for a performance. The service is free for anyone and one does not need to create an account to watch, although one has to endure one ad at the beginning. No interruptions later though. At first I thought this would be a problem. A performance should have a value attached. This is what the performance will entail and that is what that experience will cost you.

On second thought, however, I realized that it would be worth experimenting with donations on Twitch. These are extraordinary times and call for extraordinary ways to move forward. Next week I will set up a donation box for Twitch but tomorrow’s performance is just a test and will be shorter… so come check it out and let me know what you think.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I am breathlessly anticipating the live Ottmar and his beautiful guitar tomorrow!

    Today I am this moment watching the launch of Elon Musk’s rocket from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, to the International Space Station – with two men aboard. I worked many NASA Space Shuttle missions in the labs on the ground. To watch a launch in person is glorious. I’m still in love with NASA! 40 minutes till lift off!

    • JaneParhamKatz

      Update…rocket launch scrubbed. Try again Sat or Sun.

  2. Cesco Derendinger

    That’s 4am in Switzerland… count me in!!

    I’m looking really forward to this concert, even if it is only a shorter one. I never had the chance to see you live, so that’s the next best thing.

    And yes of course, I’ll pay whatever you need/want. I’m a musician too but with the luck of making enough money through lessons. Two days after the lockdown, I switched to Skype-lessons to keep things going. Lucky me, I got away almost unscathed… I hope and believe that every viewer/fan is ready to help you.

  3. Mario

    I’ve been listening to Fete… I love it! I have been listening to your work for 25+ years, this one comes right on time to brighten our days in these strange times. Thank you! Have you ever thought of reissuing Marita at some point? Looking forward to tomorrow’s performance. Let us know when you will be selling the CD again, and yes I’d pay for your online concerts. Awesome! Namaste Ottmar.

  4. Lynne Rouillard

    Looking forward to your concert tomorrow night, OL!! Since the lockdown I‘m often online for meditations, kirtans, etc., via Zoom. And, while they’re wonderful the sound quality for the instruments (tablas, harmonium, etc.) hasn’t been great. And, glad to find out about Twitchtv, which I just checked out to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues logging on tomorrow night. And, sorry to inform you, but it looks like “King Ottmar” (video game) beat you to Twitchtv. Seriously, so funny, gotta check it out!! Regarding a donation box, you might consider a “suggested donation, $___ “ (i.e. a particular amount). This would provide a guideline for donations for an online concert with 5x-nominated Grammy award artist, Ottmar Liebert, while still giving everyone an opportunity to view the concert with the option of donating more or less. It might also help to offer payment options (i.e. Pay Pal, Visa, mail check, money order or cash to P.O. Box “X,” etc.). ;-) Also, besides email, newsletter and Instagram, you could ask your followers to share the concert details on their platform of choice (FB, IG, Twitter, etc.). I also like the idea of an evening concert with an emphasis on keeping it simple with the focus primarily on the music and you. Although different lighting like the cool candies you used in your dvd, “wide-eyed + dreaming” would be great. You might also want to ask that no recordings or videos be made of the concert. Not sure if any of this is helpful, but just some suggestions. And, whatever you do will be awesome and we’re going to love it. . . .

  5. Denise

    The sound quality on is very good, I am ready to see you, for me it will be here at 11 PM Puerto Rico time. I am sure it will be a beautiful live performance, and I also agree that a live performance should have an assigned value, we all agree. You are a great musician that we love

  6. Luz

    The sound was wonderful–as if you were playing in my own living room! All songs were great but Butterfly Dream lifted me into another realm. Note to self–grab some wine for the next performance and light some incense–one can never go wrong with spiral smoke! ;-)

  7. Denise

    This spring release 10000 butterflies, it’s so sweet, one of my favorites. I was wrong about the time but I knew it on time. What a beautiful night!


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