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It isn’t possible to perform at a time that fits every zone. That means performing at different times.

I do not want to record performances because I want the live aspect of the performance to be maintained. I always assumed that I would perform in the evenings, but that is clearly a norm that doesn’t need to be adhered to. What do you think? Would you be more likely to watch a live-stream performance in the evening or during the day? Maybe the question will answer itself… I can do a performance at 1100 one day and then play at 2000 (8PM) another day and look at the results.

I am looking to start a live-stream this Thursday, 28. May, @ 2000 (8PM MDT). I will share the URL tomorrow. The performance will be announced here only. If it goes well, I will make announcements via my mailing list and social media for another performance next week.

A few thoughts about the medium:

  • a live performance should live in that moment and not be recorded
  • a performance should contain elements that are specific to the format that is used
  • the format of live-streaming might allow more time for improvisation
  • every performance should perhaps include a piece of music that was created in that moment… something that is unique to that performance only
  • if it turns out that streaming is appreciated, and supported, I would expand the experience… I would add a couple of cameras to the simple setup I am currently playing with. For example, I could mount a small camera at the end of the neck of the guitar, looking down the fretboard, perhaps mount another camera on a tripod near my right hand
  • another possibility is projecting images onto a white wall in front of which I play…
  • playing in the late morning, next to a sunlit window will elicit a different performance than playing at night, with lights or candles

Because this is a new medium there really are many ways to be creative with it.


  1. Denise

    Ottmar, I think that if you feel more comfortable in the evening, I think it would be better in the evening. I liked the ideas of the lighting details and create a new melody. I’ll be there. Thank you

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    I agree a live performance should be just that moment, rather than recorded. I think the best answer is to do two performances, as you said, 1100 and maybe 1800 another day, not to get too late for EDT. Even three different days. Myself, I would watch you, even at 0500, but I am not subject to a work schedule, so evenings are best for most people who do have to work. Candles, indirect lighting effects, moving lightforms are scrumptious, but I can see a daylight performance could be wonderful, with trees gently moving in a breeze, the Santa Fe sunlight changing moment to moment. Would an outdoor performance be possible?

    I would love to hear you improvise, such an art in itself. Cameras for close-ups of both of your hands – yes! I am nearly hypnotized by focusing on your hands. Your photography in the background is superb, if the images are not too distracting, of course. Could you have a camera operated by a person, to get occasionally different angles of your face (and feet :-) and Jon and Robby if they could be with you. Maybe later.

    I still like the idea of your speaking a bit about you. You are so lovable!

    I like PayPal as a payment method.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      Update: I just saw a video performance of a guitarist/singer. At times, they showed three different shots at once while you were hearing the song. They continually changed the shots. Probably not possible for a live show, but it was a great effect.

  3. Victor H.

    This post really made me smile. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on elevating the medium (performance streaming). Thanks for bringing us along on another creative ride! Looking forward to seeing, and hearing, you.

    My thoughts on performance time… Evening will feel like the norm for a lot of us. However, it’s great to think you could do this at a times when someone across the ocean is enjoying their evening… or when someone who works evenings can tune in.

  4. Pamela Garcia

    Ottmar, I have been a fan since 1989. I had the opportunity to see you live in concert many years ago back in my home town of San Diego, CA I thought you guys were the coolest bunch of talented flamenco fusion gypsies ever and still do today! It has been unfortunate due to many recent life challenges includIng homelessness (not due to drugs or alcohol, just misplaced & displaced by circumstance) that I havent attended a recent concert. I am in a much better place now although I must move once again which has brought back stress & worry, compounded with all that’s going on in our nation. Your music has helped me through unbearable times. I will be watching and listening from Russellville, KY.

  5. Michelle Achee

    This is such an awesome idea Ottmar and it sucks for me that I could not attend…my schedule is a bit weird as are many peoples right now. I hope you continue to do these and I think day and night both sound really inviting in different ways although, I am use to seeing you in the evening and that sets a lovely scene with candles and low lights. Everyone needs some centering and calming right now and this cool idea checks a lot of boxes especially since people are missing performances by you right now. I have been a fan since the late 80’s and hope to get to see you here in Austin this year…just have to see how it all plays out. All the best to you.


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