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Today we would have performed at the Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe, if the Rona hadn’t struck. Today is also the day that our friend, and extraordinary drummer, Carl Coletti died in 2015. He performed on several albums and you can see him in action in the live concert video Wide-eyed + Dreaming, captured in Calgary in 1996.

Regarding the Friday Music offering, here is a piece of music I worked on this past week. No bass yet, no percussion… nothing. It’s very bare, but it’s got a nice vibe, I think. Makes me smile and move. And I already have an idea for a different ending, so the piece will sound different within a few hours!

Here it is: link to mp3. This link will only be active until Sunday evening.

You can comment here, but comments on Dropbox are disabled.

The link is now dead and the song changed completely after Jon sent me his bass parts on Saturday, which were brilliant and inspired. After adding the bass parts I changed the structure of the piece and made a new mix. I have listened to it at twenty times since then.


  1. Lucille A Rivera

    Nice and upbeat–rough draft as you mentioned. I had wanted to attend your performance in SF but had it not been cancelled I would’ve missed it after-all. I’ve got the September performance marked on my calendar! I remember Carl and I’m almost certain he was part of the tour when you performed at the University of Houston -Cullen Center.

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Dear Ottmar, I awakened this morning thinking of you and the Lensic concert tonight I was so looking forward to. Miss you, miss you, miss you!

  3. DH

    I listened to it – eyes closed. Leave it as it is – it is perfect.

  4. JaneParhamKatz

    Friday music: Very romantic, and quietly buoyant. I thought it did get a bit repetitive toward the end – can’t wait to hear your revisions.

  5. JaneParhamKatz

    Today, Saturday, I am relishing Hawaiian music sung by Alfred Apaka. Don’t laugh! It is heartwarming.

  6. shawn carey

    Listened to you for at least a decade. You still inspire me. Thank you!


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