Under Our Noses

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Coronavirus patients around the world have reported the complete disappearance of their ability to smell, a condition called anosmia. Large surveys from Iran and the United Kingdom suggest that 50–60 percent of people infected with the virus have experienced anosmia.


Various studies have found that a majority of young people would sooner give up their sense of smell than their smartphone or computer. But those who have the misfortune to lose it quickly change their minds.

Under Our Noses, by Scott Sayare | Harper’s Magazine

I have heard that some people regain their sense of smell after they beat the Rona, but others don’t. This is a most puzzling virus. Some people have zero symptoms, others barely notice that they are sick, and some get very very ill and die. Is the reason for that genetic? Does it have anything to do with diet or habits? Could it have something to do with our personal zoo, those one hundred trillion critters that live in and on us? The human microbiome… Perhaps the presents or absence of a microbe decides whether you live or die.

Would you give up your phone for your sense of smell?


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