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Comment from Rusty Knorr on 2020-02-26 @ 17:39
Ottmar, with your current skill with bread baking the next step is roasting your own coffee at home! I have started buying green Ethiopian beans and roasting on the stove in a cast iron skillet. It’s really quite easy, and the experimentation with roast is very satisfying when you get it dialed in. There are inexpensive home roasters, and some even have good luck using a air popcorn popper, but I enjoy the manual method. Give it a try!

Hola Rusty! In December of 1996 we were fortunate to spend several days in Istanbul. We had an amazing time. I bought a whole bunch of CDs by Turkish artists, Jon bought the Saz that has surfaced on several songs since then, and I recorded the snippet of chanting that was used on the piece The Call from the album Leaning Into the Night. I had tea in a parking lot by the Bosphorus as the sun rose. I went to museums, mosques, and the bazaar, of course. I had Turkish coffee in the street, squatting next to the pan that was roasting the coffee over a burner. When I came home I wanted to try this myself. A friend, who grows coffee plants in Hawaii, gave me a bag with green beans for my experiments. I enjoyed the process, but didn’t buy more green beans when the bag was empty. I should have a look around and see whether some local shop has the green beans for sale. Thanks for the suggestion, Rusty.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    The romance of several days in Istanbul! Ahhhh.

  2. Banafsheh

    I can read your Turkish coffee beans!! They say I’m so good..Now I believe it! Hey I saw in a woman’s coffee ..” do you have a brother? ” she responded “yes I do”
    I said ” well your brother , something really extraordinary will happen to your brother ! ”

    He , months later , became The Afghan President.


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