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Yesterday I watched a French documentary film from 2015 called Tomorrow. This is the trailer. I thought it was brilliant, the food production in urban areas or tiny farms, the local currencies that are cropping up in many regions – especially the pound note with David Bowie’s face on it! I found the film to be very uplifting and energizing… the perfect last note for the year that’s ending tonight. The film’s website: Tomorrow-Documentary and solutions.


  1. janeparhamkatz

    I shall watch this film ce soir. We are staying home for New Year’s Eve, but I have already put on my sparkly clothes to be admired by my husband!

    I am introducing increasingly more good choices. This week I added pasture-raised chicken eggs and 100% grass-fed cow’s milk cheese – really delicious. I just ordered stainless steel water bottles from “4 Ocean,” an organization that seems to be working hard eliminating plastics from oceans. La Montañita co op in Santa Fe has a completely pasture-raised chicken – at $24 per. Oh no! Can’t bring myself to pay that. It was fun to meet the head butcher there – Willie Nelson!

    Happy New Year, Ottmar. Thank you for all the joy you bring!

    With love,

    • Lynne Rouillard

      “Tomorrow” sounds amazing, Ottmar! Your posts, including those on movies/documentaries are absolute gems. I rented “The Lives of Others” from Cinefile (i.e. one of the last and awesome video rental stores in LA, which has a wide selection, including indies/documentaries). I credit catching this inspiring movie about East Berlin in 1984 (I think) to a post you made about it some months ago. It’s filmmaking at its best!! And, what a powerful role music played. Brilliant! On a side-note, I had the good fortune of spending three weeks in Germany in October, 2005. My experience and time there were beyond awesome! It included an evening out in East Berlin; a teeming, thriving hub of creativity and innovation. Thanks again for your posts! Your writing, much like your music, is most engaging and a gift. Looking forward to your February concert in Agoura, OL. Wishing you, Luna Negra and your loved ones, peace and an intensely beautiful 2020. . . .

  2. Cesco Derendinger

    Very interesting and uplifting indeed. In a shocked, yet restless world, we should develop the ability of creative equanimity. I believe that these daily doomsday scenarios only numb us and do anything, but help tackle the world’s problems. I found another gem, sadly in german but still highly recommended.

    Do you every heard about Harald Welzer? His new book is called “Alles könnte anders sein”. Sounds a bit vague on the first sight and utopic, but it really isn’t on the inside. Its a realistic view on change and possibilities for our future. Heres a short clip:

    A few years back, he wrote one of my all time favs, “Selbst Denken” is its title. Here an interview with him:

    Happy new year, all the best for you and your family and friends Ottmar


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