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When touring I often eat Asian food because I find that Thai and Vietnamese restaurants use a lot of fresh ingredients and they usually serve good quality food. Here are a couple of finds from the October run…

In Richmond, Virginia, we found a little Vietnamese neighborhood and discovered a fantastic restaurant called Pho Tay Do in a very unassuming little building.
IMG 0353
The food was excellent and the decor quirky, and I usually prefer quirky over fancy. Is that Princess Diana with Prince Harry… and Elvis?
IMG 0349
IMG 0347
The paintings and cutouts were created by the owner.

In Pawling, New York, we went to a Thai restaurant called Thai Elephant 2. Above the fireplace there is a Buddha image that is a concave relief. The face eerily turns and follows a person around the room… I think I have a video of that and will look for it.
IMG 0377


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