Heart Rate + Blood Pressure

02016-11-01 | Slow

Sometime in 2015 I decided to record by myself, without the band, and that I wanted to create slow music. Later I discovered that there has been research into how a song’s tempo can change the listener’s heartbeat and blood pressure. Here are a few of the things I found:

“Past research reveals that types of music varying in tempo, or beats per minute, can have physiological effects on the body. It is shown that fast tempo music of 120-130 beats per minute increases anxiety observed through an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, while slow tempo music of 50-60 beats per minute has the opposite effect on the body (Edworthy and Waring 2010).” – Source

“It has been shown that fast paced music increases heart rate and slow paced music decreases heart rate.” – Source

“This tempo (60 Beats Per Minute) inspires our brains to release alpha brainwaves, which puts our mind in a relaxed state, according to research at the University of Nevada, Reno.” – Source

“For hitting the books, put on music that ranges between 50 and 80 BPM. Metro UK reported on a study from music service Spotify, which found that math students listening to classical music improved their test scores, while those in humanities found creative excitement in songs that were just a bit faster.” – Source 1
Source 2




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