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This was our first trio rehearsal in early March of 2009. The original intent was to see whether I wanted to play with a drumkit again, but as you can hear it sounded very nice right away. Jon recorded this with just three mics, one on the guitars and two on the drum kit.

So here we are, almost a year later, rehearsing to record an album together. One works differently in color than in black & white, differently with a brush than with a pencil or a can of spraypaint. In that sense the trio has inspired me to write differently. This little group can turn on a dime, and so I have come up with more tempo and time changes than usual. Today we started working on a new piece that switches from fast-sounding triplet-arpeggios in the verse to slow and romantic quarter-notes in the chorus. The inspiration for this piece was how our sense of time shifts and changes. The hustle of the errands we have to run, the daily work-pace, versus those precious moments where time feels suspended… deep in meditation, or gazing at the moon, or looking into a lover’s eyes. The tempo remains the same, but the division is different.

Well, writing about music is like dancing about architecture… and you’ll hear it soon enough. Anyway, enjoy the music from the very first meeting of the trio.




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Thu, Jan 18 2024 in Dallas, TX
@ House of Blues

Sat, Jan 20 2024 in Houston, TX
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Wed, Feb 14 2024 in San Juan Capistrano, CA
@ The Coach House

Thu, Feb 15 2024 in Solana Beach, CA
@ Belly Up


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