End of March

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Torrance Stage from Ottmar Liebert on Vimeo.

We are in Palm Desert where we will perform at the McCallum Theater tonight. This morning Stephen and I played a song for KMIR, Channel 6 TV. We picked Streetlight. Stephen had this to say about our morning.

The first month of our new subscription service is coming to an end. We delivered five songs, including a rehearsal recording, a remix, a rock-flamenco hybrid from 1995, a piece with Rahim, and a 24bit/96kHz version of a One Guitar piece. For April I think we’ll have another one of the rock-flamenco hybrids, an unreleased rumba from 2004 (((Jon and I worked on it recently for a compilation))), an hour-long ambient recording called one 1993, which we made while we were recording The Hours Between Night + Day, and something with the touring band, either from the recent rehearsals in Santa Fe or a live recording from this mini-tour. And, I might find some other stuff I just have to share…

Tomorrow is April 1st and the conficker C worm is supposed to kick into action. 10+ million zombie PCs might/will retrieve their marching orders from the mothership… The worm has been called the smartest nefarious bit of code ever written. Maybe not apocalyptic, but potentially deeply disturbing. Good luck to all you PCs out there. See you on the other side of April 1st.


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