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2015 and 2058
Ah, postmodernism! There’s something that’s gone out of date in the last seven years, for a start. The binary collapses executed strategically by postmodernism (the collapse of high and low culture, past and present, local and global) are, by 2008, boring us to death. We’re thoroughly sick of art which appropriates popular culture, of meta-layering and shallow, reflexive irony, of pastiche and of the mapping of museum to supermarket and supermarket to museum.
(Via Click opera)

Momus wrote an article about the year 2015 for a Russian magazine. My favorite sentence is, of course, this:

Media which bring people physically together, on the other hand, will flourish — ephemeral performative arts like live music, theatre and dance have a strong future. People don’t want to spend all their time online, after all.

That has been my feeling all along. He ends his piece with this:

Just as we’ll see a return to Renaissance-style semi-autonomous cities, I think we’ll see the re-emergence of the “Renaissance Man” – an all-rounder who can bake bread, edit films, code for the web, write poetry, eat fire, and cook home-grown vegetables for twenty friends and neighbours. As the mist clears on the “uncanny valley” of 2015, what emerges is not a robot, but Leonardo da Vinci.

Some hits and some misses, but you can read the whole article here.


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