Mercury Retrograde

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About Mercury Retrograde
Q: What does it mean (astronomically speaking) when Mercury is in Retrograde?
A:The word “planet” comes from the Greek term asteres planetai i.e. “stars that wander.” Partly, this is referring to is how from time to time planets will appear to shift direction and move backwards as compared to all the other stars in the night sky. This “backwards” movement is retrograde motion. Click here for a better animation that shows this very well.

Q: Hey, your calendar/widget is missing the Mercury Retrograde that happens from Nov 6 – Nov 26, year 2012. What gives?
A: It will be a great surprise if we are still using Widgets in 2012. And if we are still using Widgets in 2012, in November we will likely be too busy preparing for the End Of The World, which is planned to happen on or around December 21st of that year.

Download the Widget (Apple OS only). Mercury is in retrograde. Backup your data…

Don’t know what I think. Am comfortable not knowing. Have seen weird behavior coming from machines during MR. Could be nothing. But better to backup… Two more days.


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