Revival of Luna Negra XL

02008-09-08 | New Mexico, Performance | 6 comments

The Luna Negra XL band for the concert at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho on December 18th is shaping up. So far we have confirmed these musos:

OL – Flamenco + Electric Guitars
Jon Gagan – Bass + Keyboards
Stephen Duros – Flamenco + Electric Guitars
Kanoa Kaluhiwa – Tenor Saxophone
Mike Middleton – Trumpet
Carl Coletti – Drumkit
Souhail Kaspar – Dumbek + other Percussion

I am really looking forward to this!! Haven’t seen Carl in 9 years (((Carl was in a band with my brother and me in Boston some 25 years ago and played drums in the Opium band in 1996, and the first incarnation of the XL band in 1997))) and haven’t seen Mike since the last XL tour in 2001. You can find the personnel of every band since 1989 here.

We have no plans to tour with this band, so if you want to experience Luna Negra XL come to Rio Rancho – not far from Albuquerque.


  1. dave

    Cool, I didn’t know you had previous workings with Carl Coletti in Boston.

  2. david loring

    hay OL why dont you guys film this i would buy this dvd !!!!!

  3. LindaW

    This is going to be great, thanks Ottmar!

  4. Carol

    Will you record the music, or at least some of it?

  5. ottmar

    Sorry, we have no plans to film or record the concert. Except in the minds of the attending audience that is. :)

  6. Carol

    I could see how happy you were and how well you knew each others moves at Mppls. and your taped session. I also was amazed at the difference between the “same” shows. Ah, to be able to follow you from venue to venue.


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