Bringing home olive oil

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Bulk Olive Oil Carrier
I turned one of my water bottles (a 40 oz. bottle I bought here) into my bulk olive oil carrier. I figured stainless steel can easily be cleaned and won’t break during transport. At home I fill up a glass bottle from this container. Could not be easier. Now that it is properly labelled all I have to do is re-fill it and pay for the oil. Zero waste and zero recycling.

I want to find similar stainless steel containers I can use for rice and other bulk items.


  1. Anonymous

    Sheetmetal workers or years ago known as tin benders can fabricate for you just about anything you can imagine in your mind from a sheet of metal depending upon the type of metal, gauge and what you would like the product to be. As this would not be mass produced and would be unique to your own request and specifications.

  2. judy

    Not my shop but a great idea. (not stainless but easier to tote home)


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