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From 9th August 2008, you will be able to gather your own impression of Orwell’s face from reading his most strongly individual piece of writing: his diaries. The Orwell Prize is delighted to announce that, to mark the 70th anniversary of the diaries, each diary entry will be published on this blog exactly seventy years after it was written, allowing you to follow Orwell’s recuperation in Morocco, his return to the UK, and his opinions on the descent of Europe into war in real time.

As a friend pointed out to me:

Journals are often the real literature because of their uninhibited writing.

Link to Orwell’s Diary. Link to RSS feed of same.


  1. Brenda Ashworth

    The following was shared with me from a friend:
    Thoughts Become Words
    Words Become Actions
    Action Become Habits
    Habits Become Character
    Character Becomes Destiny

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your many website links. It as if your website is filled with many like minded acquaintances.
    I also find your website as an refreshing oasis and unlike the many Pied Piper websites that entice with only musical notes. You are extremely generous in sharing your time and experience of information that is of true value to the human spirit. Your goodness shines within your thoughts.

  2. Brenda Ashworth

    This earlier comment was in regards to Ottmar Liebert website/dairy of thoughts.


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