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If the world wide web is global and books are cosmopolitan, storytelling and oral communication are local. (I am paraphrasing David Abram)

It seems to me that the third option, story-telling, is vastly different from the first two.
In all three instances molecules are moved and energy is transferred, but only the last one exchanges energy directly between the content-creator and the listener/receiver. Breath is expelled, air is shaped and propelled and received by ears and interpreted. Pheromones are exchanged, scents are traded and we can get a feel for the other person that is more than the sum of their talk. The story is not contained in words alone, it is the entire presence of the speaker.

Without the support of a local engagement, that is to say oral communication and person-to-person(s) conversation, the other two become a card house, lacking a real foundation.


  1. yumi

    To take words (web, book, person to person) and give them a clear focus is difficult. That is not to include all the other senses taken in by non-verbal communicating.

    An explanation and an example:
    “The world in which we actually live and experience life in its vivid freshness is a world that is mine alone and yours alone.”
    “…when you and I look at a cup, we usually assume that we are looking at the very same cup, but this isn’t so in terms of true, raw life-experience.”
    quotes by Uchiyama Kosho.

    Communicating the thought is the responsibility of the sender and only as good as the person listening and we haven’t even touched upon saying something without words (eye contact, touch, etc.).

    True, as a friend put it, “…the responsibility must be shared in order for it to work.”
    As it should be, but not always the case. Last week, I watched as three individuals discussed an aspect of culture (three different cultures) and it became an argument. Tone of voice, choice of words were all every sharp at the end. An exhausting conclusion.

    It would take a good listener (and it depends on the perceived role of the listener: audience, equal, subordinate…) to ask for clarification.
    Responsible speech, responsible listening.

    It would be an interesting study to see how much of our listening abilities have changed with use of technology.

  2. Derryl Thomas Holmes

    Hello O:
    It’s been some time now, since we’ve spokened, hope we
    can converse soon, it seems we share a like journey.
    Funny, I was re-reading The Dancing Wuli Masters,and i
    began to recollect the time you,Betha and myself were
    Visiting the ocean and we were discussing the ripples
    and waves, later recording a piece you Titled:Fishes
    do you remember this @ Thayer St Loft? Peace


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