Tuesday Morning

02008-07-22 | Touring | 1 comment

Sunrise at the edge of New Mexico. Riding shotgun with a driver we haven’t used before. Harder to sleep when you roll with a new driver. Felt the urge to get up and sit up front.

We switched drivers (and busses) in Boulder the other day, because our driver had prior commitments. Stevo took some pics:

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  1. Panj

    Just spent and hour going thru some of your photos, Steveo…you are a magnificant photographer!!! Just a few of my favorites are 5584 with the Mountain in the background and the power lines in the front to the right…reminded me of the lines that Music Notes are written on…and the garage door 5560 with the 5 Flowers and Bees…reminded me of Luna Negra, with fans starting to buzz about. Thanks for sharing with us!!!
    I hope your new bus driver turned out to be as good as the last one, I am the same way, with new drivers, Ottmar…gotta be there!…:-)
    God Speed Luna Negra!!!


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