Falco Pruners + Istanbul

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This was my post from Istanbul on September 10th, 1997 – you can read other entries by selecting dates on this page.

Sunday I am trimming some small branches on a Juniper tree with my new Falco pruners, when I slice into my left index finger. The wound starts bleeding pretty bad. I use Neosporin and wrap a band-aid around the cut. Monday morning I get up at 4:30am to get ready to drive to Albuquerque. At 8am our flight leaves Albuquerque. We have to make stops in Colorado Springs and again in Cincinnati before we land in New York, where we board a flight to Istanbul.

Istanbul is smoggy when we arrive on Tuesday Morning. My finger has stopped bleeding and is healing, but when I use it to dial the telephone a sharp pain runs through it. Bondo has promised me some strong Canadian pain killers for the show tomorrow night. I figure, that if I spread Crazy Glue over the cut, to keep it shut, and use painkillers, I should be able to perform somewhat. I won’t have practised since Saturday….

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