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Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra: Touring Schedule


  1. will

    Nice, since you haven’t been back to Orlando in a while, I can attend the show in Dallas in July. Kinda funny the last time I made an Ottmar concert was 1997 @ HOB in Orlando and now the next one will be HOB in Dallas almost 10 years later.

  2. AdamSolomon

    Are there any plans for shows in the LA area? I’ll be in Pasadena for the summer and it’d be cool to see the band again :D

  3. Victor

    Who all are performing as part of this summer’s quintet?

    It’s great how the band has a little different flavor each year. Looking forward to it!

  4. snakecharmer

    I noticed on the Benise website you are scheduled to perform as his guest on a cruise ship tour December 12-15. Obviously, you are a big influence on Benise since his first 4 or 5 CDs have songs that are very similiar to your songs from your early CDs. Just an observation.

  5. marc-n-tx

    You must be waiting until well after The Scent of Light’s release before you come back to Houston? :-) I do hope to see you and the guys in Houston again soon, or even in Crockett. Really enjoyed that smaller east tx venue!

  6. Diran

    It looks like Canyon Club not in schedule any more ? Am I mistaken??

  7. ottmar

    Will: we might tour in Florida in December. Would like to avoid the huricane season this time. I think there might also be some mid-western dates in the Fall.
    Adam: keep checking the Tour Schedule – more dates might be added
    Victor: not ready to announce that yet
    snakecharmer: I don’t know much about Benise. My agent and manager book our shows and I stay out of the business as much as I can…
    marc-n-tx: we just added Dallas, so maybe Houston will be added next – I don’t know
    Diran: what you see is all I know. Keep checking the Tour Schedule or this Diary for updates.

  8. AdamSolomon

    Ottmar, if I might add two questions: are you guys planning a return to the East Coast this tour, and might that include a visit to the nation’s finest university? :) (incidentally, I’ve more or less given up on the feat of trying to find funding for that…)


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