Kham revisited

02008-04-24 | Travel | 2 comments

This morning I bicycled over to Upaya to submit to a filmed interview about our journey to Kham and Roshi Joan for a documentary. While riding up the hill and then along the dirt road I was wondering what I could possible say that would be useful. Our 6 weeks in Tibet have become like a pointillist painting to me – when one takes a few steps back, one no longer notices the individual dots. But once we started, it was easy and even enjoyable to talk about that time.

I realized that I would like to do another journey like that one. Yesterday there was talk at the table about Roshi’s recent trip to China and Japan.

And while I would love to see some of the ancient temples of Buddhism, I am not eager to go because what made the Kham journey so wonderful for me was the fact that I experienced the landscape on foot – the only true way to experience/learn a landscape. I have no interest in sitting in a bus/train/plane to travel from one location to the next. You might say, that is what I do for a living anyway, for it is very much like being on tour. Lobby-call at 8AM, bus leaves at 8:30, 11AM arrival at temple, lunch at 12:30PM etc…


  1. dave

    Something like Shikoku island in Japan?

  2. ottmar

    Dave: I just googled Shikoku and it looks very interesting! Thanks! I found this web site.


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