Memphis – Practicing in the Green Room

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Practicing in the Green Room


  1. alaskaal

    I love the sound of your DeVoe. I have been collecting your recordings made with the Devoe and those of another of Lester’s clients, a Japanese guitarist Jin Oki. The beauty of that guitar and the Calton case are eye-catching. Lester is building a guitar for me and the lead time on the Calton is six months. The case is finally expected in two weeks. I am trying to exercise zen-like patience.

    I love your playing. My clear favorite is La Luna. I can’t wait to hear how it sounds on my DeVoe. One Guitar is wonderful. It has encouraged me to take a similar path in my own performing.

  2. ottmar

    Thanks. BTW that is not a Calton case – it’s an Accord.
    It’s about half of the weight of a Calton and much smaller.

  3. alaskaal

    Ah, the miracle of carbon fiber. I have a friend who constructed a mandolin with carbon fiber in the tone bars supporting the top. He feels that the top will last at least a hundred years without sinking. I suspect, based on the history of the Loars, that it will be longer. The mandolin is, as they say, “a hoss”. I suppose that the miracle of carbon fiber is nothing without the miracle of masterful construction.


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