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Turtle tracked on epic 13,000-mile journey – Times Online
A turtle has been tracked on an epic journey almost 13,000 miles long to notch up the greatest distance yet recorded for the marine creatures.

The journey took the endangered leatherback turtle 12,774 miles (20,558km) from a beach in Indonesia to the west coast of the USA and part of the way back again.

It is likely that the swim would have been even more impressive had the satelite tagging device strapped to the turtle been able to continue to transmit data after 647 successive days. The battery ran out close to Hawaii.

During the journey the leatherback dived as much as 1,000 metres (3,300ft) beneath the surface of the waves into complete darkness.


  1. Anelafoo

    Old turtle
    on a world tour
    is he looking
    for his Valentine
    or she for him this Leap Year

    Very free-form tanka

    Well in leap year, a woman may ask a man to marry her, if he says NO, then he must give her a gift….ahhhh my Rat mind just realized a major opportunity ….. I made a Freudian slip on my haiku yesterday in here, i typed Money instead of Monkey…lol

  2. eric

    Amazing creatures.

  3. Carol

    It sure reminds one that there must be cooperation between nations in caring for these and other endangered sea creatures and birds. Incredible journey.

  4. yumiko

    In China and Japan, turtles in mythology are known for their longevity and endurance. A symbol of good luck. It is said that the turtle/tortoise can live for 10,000 years.

    Tortoises and folktales:

    Urashima Taro is a kind fisherman who saves a tortoise from the abuse of the local village children. In return, the tortoise thanks Urashima Taro for his kindness by taking him to the beautiful palace in the sea, Everywhere there is beauty and he falls in love with the Princess of the Sea. He becomes entranced with the day to day festivities and forgets about his former life. Eventually, Urashima Taro becomes homesick and wants to return back to the village. Granted his wish, the princess instructs him to take a magic box with him with the instructions to never open it.

    On the back of the tortoise he returns home, only to find that no one knows him. His village has changed, no one knows him, his family is dead and time has moved on. Sitting alone on the beach, he wonders what is in box? He lifts the lid and smoke escapes from the box. As the smoke clears he finds himself instantly transformed. No longer a young man, but elderly and frail.

    Just a few morals to the folk tale:
    kindness is repaid.
    do not forget your family (in this case, for love).
    remember your promises.


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