Never Stand in Line Again?

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Never Stand in Line Again? – Freakonomics – Opinion – New York Times Blog
That is the promise being made by a company called QLess, which offers “virtual queue management” via cellphone alerts. Its home page makes this alluring statement/threat: “On average, Americans spend almost 3 years of their lives waiting in line.”

This is one area (perhaps of many) in which I am way below average. I hate lines, and waiting in general, so much that I take great pains to avoid them both, whether it’s a physical line or a telephonic one.

Yep, I have to agree. I don’t like lines and will simply go elsewhere if possible.

In keeping with our occasional renaming exercise, can we please stop calling the cellphone a “cellphone” and instead call it “mobile,” as the British do, and which makes much more sense?

I think German has THE silliest word for mobiles: Das Handy. How did that come about? A marathon branding session in the early nineties? A team of university professors discussing a new addition to the German language? A newspaper article? The above linked article claims Handy derives from the word Handfunktelefon.


  1. Anelafoo

    Just heard the silliest thing from my Finnish Couisn. There are rest stops on the roads there. If you need to use the WC, you must use your cell and text (open). Well, no problem, babies r born with a Nokkia in their wee hands. I do not own a cell phone, what does that make me????

  2. Andrew

    I love lines. Gives me a chance to stop and collect myself without seeming “lazy” – great exercise in meditation. Or, with a friend, a nice way to spend time in quiet conversation! When I go to the grocery store with my wife, I usually choose the longest line – it’s like a little vacation!


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