Manned Cloud

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MANNED CLOUD Cruise Airship, Paris, France
Living in the sky, watching the Earth from above. Rediscovering the marvel of traveling, experiencing contemplation. Exploring the world without trace

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I have always liked Zeppelins. Quiet travel. Ships of the sky. I am guessing that airships are also more efficient than planes, because the engine only propells them and doesn’t have to keep them in the air… this one is beautiful.


  1. marijose

    So much nicer than cruise ships, which are huge polluters.

  2. eddie

    yes, i agree environment friendly. But at a top speed of 170km/h significantly slower than a normal plane. I see the benefit, but lower speed means longer journey, and in this age of chaos i doubt anyone wants to go slower.

  3. Carol

    Do you think some are flying over Texas now? They’d make great UFO sightings.


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