Bruce Sterling and Bicerin

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I was reading the annual Bruce Sterling conference on The Well…

The WELL: Bruce Sterling: State of the World, 2008
We ring in the new year with our ninth annual visit from Bruce Sterling, in which we review recent events, gaze into the future, and generally discuss the state of the world.

…when I came across this post by Sterling:

Well, it’s rattling right along here. Good thing I just went out and
had a couple of bicerin (national coffee drink of Torino).

I was not familiar with bicerin and looked it up:

Caffè al Bicerin
This historic drink of Turin, which has evolved from the eighteenth century “bavareisa”, was created right here in this café of the same name which jealously guards the traditional recipe. It’s an exquisite, hot drink- a mixture of espresso, chocolate ( the process is a well-guarded secret) and fresh cream. Served in a tall glass so you can admire the mouth watering melange of colours, the bicerin is a pleasure waiting to be discovered by those who love tempting the palate.

Link to the Google translation of the Italian Wikipedia entry regarding bicerin.
Link to a New York Times article.


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