Prayer of the Dragon

02007-12-27 | Reading | 4 comments

The old things meant to be passed down, they are the best things distilled out of thousands of years of experience. But somehow in the last century we decided our own lives were too important, that fast cars covered with chrome, and television, and computers made us better than our ancestors. That’s the lie that kills the great things.

From the book I just finished reading a little while ago. It was a perfect day for reading, very cold, mostly grey and fairly dark and with a little snow.


  1. Boris

    It is, isn’t it?! And I was wondering why I don’t feel for going out here in the Bavarian mountains and stick my nose in some books instead…

  2. Carol

    Is this the first in a series? Which should I get first, or does it matter? Sounds like just the kind of book I want.

  3. Boris

    Carol – as far as I know, the series starts with “The Skull Mantra”. I mean, every story is independent but all feature that Inspector Chan. Like Mankell did it with his Wallander personnage, for example.

  4. Carol

    He has a wealth of books. I’ll just start at the beginning I guess. Fun!


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