Egypt to Copyright the Pyramids

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Egypt to copyright the pyramids and antiquities | Art & Architecture | Guardian Unlimited Arts
Egypt is planning to pass a law that would exact royalty payments from anyone found making copies of the country’s ancient monuments or museum pieces, including the pyramids.

Hm, in a few hours BoingBoing will call for everyone to get out their Legos or clay, make pyramids and upload the photos to a Flickr group!


  1. Carol

    That’s terrible. So are they going to see that the rest of the world can see those wonders without coming to Egypt. I saw one traveling exhibit of Tut artifacts. I don’t think they’d want to tote the real things all over the world. How crazy we get in our search for the wrong kind of riches.

  2. dave

    Well, then, what’s next? Copyrighting Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Tower of London, Eiffel Tower, my house, your house, etc.

  3. Mike

    This will ruin the US economy. Will we have to pay a royalty for every $1 bill in circulation?

  4. Carol

    That’s funny, Mike ! or quite serious maybe…..

  5. Mike

    Not so serious, Carol. Just a reflection on how outlandish some can be about possessions.


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